NYPERL Plan Description

Your tax-qualified NYPERL Care Directions Premier and Care Directions Premier New York State Partnerships plans provide benefits for covered services in:
  • Nursing facility
  • Home health care agency
  • Adult day care center
  • Assisted living facility
  • Hospital long-term care unit
  • Hospice program

You have two plans to choose from:

Care Directions Premier Enroll Now

Care Directions Premier New York State partnership Enroll Now

A detailed plan overview that compares the two plans (in PDF format) can be easily referenced and downloaded.

Care Directions Premier is a state of the art long-term care insurance policy with a defined array of features that provides coverage anywhere in the world. Care Directions Premier Partnership qualifies as long-term care insurance coverage that is linked with the New York State Medicaid program under the New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care.

Is one option better than the other? That depends on your personal circumstances. Both options offer comprehensive and excellent long-term care insurance coverage, but their benefit packages are different. The care directions premier option offers a 10-year paid in full option and other options and benefits not available through the partnership option.

The Care Directions Premier Partnership option complies with the rules and guidelines of the New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care program. These rules will also apply to those who select the Care Directions Partnership option. If you intend to live somewhere other than New York state then the benefits of the partnership option are greatly diminished and you should consider the non-partnership option. If on the other hand you intend to spend the rest of your life in New York State the partnership option is probably the one you want to consider.

Since Care Directions Partnership coverage must meet the requirements of the Partnership program, it provides a "bank of days" comprised of 3 years (1,095 days) of nursing home care, or 6 years (2,190 days) of home and community-based care, or a combination of the two where 2 home care days equal 1 nursing home day. If an insured person with Partnership coverage uses the benefits according to these time periods and continues to need care, s/he can qualify for Medicaid Extended Coverage based on income alone - all of the covered person's resources, or assets, are ignored in determining Medicaid eligibility. The Partnership program, administered at the New York State Department of Health, refers to Partnership coverage as "lifetime coverage" due to this link to Medicaid.

Enrollees selecting the Partnership option must sign a Consumer Participation Agreement, required by the Partnership, that officially enrolls them in the New York State Partnership program. At the time of applying for Medicaid Extended Coverage, an enrollee's income must qualify him for Medicaid Extended Coverage eligibility, and his/her income is treated according to Medicaid rules in effect at that time, though personal assets are ignored by Medicaid and not required to be spent down.

For additional details, please download our MedAmerica-NYPERL brochure; group outline of coverage for Care Directions Premier or Care Directions Premier New York State partnership and the national association of insurance commissioner's Shopper's Guide. Benefits may vary by state.